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Scheduling & Cost Control (Online)


Learn how to:


  •     Use the work breakdown structure to develop a network diagram
  •     Calculate schedules using PERT/CPM
  •     Identify, assign, and tabulate resource – requirements
  •     Predict costs and work time using specific levels and estimate types
  •     Develop a time-phased project budget
  •     Plan for contingencies and anticipate variations
  •     Predict future project performance based on historical data
  •     Monitor changes and close projects on time



Course Topics


  1. Needs and Requirements Overview 
  2. Resource Allocation and Estimating
  3. Scheduling
  4. The Baseline
  5. Managing Change Within the Project
  6. Evaluation and Forecasting
  7. The Exit Strategy


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PMBOK® knowledge areas:


  •     Project Scope Management
  •     Project Time Management
  •     Project Cost Management
  •     Project Risk Management
  •     Project Procurement Management


Professional Development Units (PDU): 28.0



Course Synopsis


Develop effective measures for scheduling and controlling projects as you put the tools of project management to work. In this course, you will focus on managing the constraints you face in any project: limits on time, human resources, materials, budget, and specifications. Discover proven ways to work within your identified constraints, without letting predefined limits curtail creativity or innovation.


From the opening moments, you will get hands-on experience evaluating projects in terms of their costs and schedules, and identify ways to improve project estimating and control from the large-scale order-of-magnitude estimates down to the bottom-up detailed evaluations. In today's modern project environment, project managers must incorporate monitoring, controlling, analysing, and reporting costs and interpret the meaning of earned-value data. This course covers those skills. Exercises and case studies throughout the course feature scenarios that help hone these skills, and a comprehensive toolkit provides practical field guidance. In addition, you will receive a copy of a special edition of Precedence Diagramming: Successful Scheduling in the Team Environment by Carl L. Pritchard, edited to focus on the specific demands of the scheduling environments. Jeffrey Pinto's landmark text, Essentials of Project Control, is also provided.


Discover a number of sophisticated tools and techniques that you can use to manage time and costs effectively on every type of project. This is one of the program’s most popular courses, and the online environment enables you to take the class at your own pace and on your own schedule.





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Scheduling & Cost Control (Online)

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